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New Mobility for an Ageing Society


This project will look at the equity and access implications of novel technologies and services being deployed today or in the near-term future – including, but not limited to ride-sourcing services – from the perspective of an ageing society.

People’s travel habits and patterns are formed during their active lives but with age, these may become more difficult or eventually impossible to continue. Mobility decisions are also linked to housing decisions which may also be inflexible due to personal or economic constraints. The result is a loss of mobility and access for the elderly that weighs heavily on their continued participation in society.

This project will look at the scope for novel mobility services to prolong or increase access for older citizens. It will look at how governments have sought to provide for minimum levels of access for this population and how novel mobility solutions might allow resource-constrained governments to supply equal if not better mobility options for the elderly. It will also explore the costs and benefits of various strategies to retain elderly access in society.

This project will be comprised of two workshops that will feed into a final report.

Workshop 1:  

This workshop will bring together national and city regulators, commercial transport app platform companies, public transport operators and academics to discuss practical models where new mobility services can enhance the quality and coverage for low density, off peak trips. It will review several existing agreements for Commercial Transportation App platform (CTA)-public transport operator/authority services and other approaches to deliver better service quality for thin markets by leveraging technology. Participants will discuss the benefits and disbenefits of these approaches and will explore if these arrangements should be leveraged at a wider scale across multiple regulatory and regional contexts and, if so, how? The results of these discussions will feed into the final report of this project.

Workshop 2:

This workshop will look more broadly at the changing mobility and access needs for an ageing population and explore how innovation in mobility services, including those offered by Commercial Transportation Apps (CTAs) can potentially meet this need. It will also discuss how these needs may co-evolve with different housing scenarios and activity patterns as current generations age. Based on a scan of existing work on the matter, it will assess the costs and benefits of various strategies to retain high levels of access and social participation by the elderly.

Participating Partners: Ford, Google, PTV Group, Transdev, Uber