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Freight, Logistics

Data-led Enforcement of Road Haulage

12 January 2017

Road freight hauliers are subject to a broad range of rules and regulations meant to promote...

Review of the Regulation of Freight Transport in Mexico

11 January 2017

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The Impact of Mega-Ships: The Case of Gothenburg

11 January 2017

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Industry Leaders Strategy Summit

10 January 2017

Ports and shipping expert Olaf Merk is a speaker.

Air Freight Volumes Show a Decrease in the First Quarter of 2016

19 July 2016

The latest update of global freight data collected by the International Transport Forum at the OECD...

Container Trade Europe Conference

6 September 2016

Olaf Merk, Administrator Ports and Shipping, International Transport Forum, is a speaker

Logistics Development Strategies and Performance Measurement

15 November 2016

Logistics performance is a strong determinant of national income and policy-makers are interested...

Capacity to Grow: Transport Infrastructure Needs for Future Trade Growth

22 August 2016

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