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Technology, Innovation

Data-led Enforcement of Road Haulage

12 January 2017

Road freight hauliers are subject to a broad range of rules and regulations meant to promote...

Human Factors, User Requirements, and User Acceptance of Ride-Sharing in Automated Vehicles

1 December 2016

This paper provides an overview of the social-psychological factors that are likely to influence...

Select Legal Considerations for Shared Automated Driving

19 December 2016

This discussion paper introduces several legal considerations for shared automated driving with a...

Shared Automated Vehicles: Review of Business Models

30 November 2016

This paper provides an introduction to the current state of vehicle automation and shared mobility...

Moving to Shared Urban Mobility: Managing Scale and Transition

29 November 2016

Building on the existing Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) work exploring scenarios for the...

Co-operative Mobility Systems and Automated Driving Roundtable

19 December 2016

Research and demonstration on co-operative systems of automobile based mobility and automated...