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Walking and Cycling

Safer City Streets brochure

17 October 2016

Safer City Streets

15 February 2017

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Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health

10 December 2015

Walking is the most natural form of mobility; however cities have not always evolved to accommodate...

Cycling, Health and Safety

12 January 2016

Many jurisdictions around the world are trying to retain or increase the share of cycling in urban...

Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies: Moving Ahead. National Policies to Promote Cycling

10 December 2015

The study provides an overview of policies at the national level forpromoting cycling. The report...

La mise en oeuvre des politiques de transports urbains durables: Aller de l'avant. Politiques nationales en faveur du vélo

10 December 2015

Ce rapport constitue l’une des suites aux travaux de la CEMT sur « Lamise en oeuvre des politiques...

Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space And Health

7 January 2016

This is a summary of the report Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health. The report was developed...

Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies. National Peer Review: The Netherlands

9 January 2016

In June 1999, a team of urban travel experts along with representatives of theEuropean Conference...