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7th IRTAD Conference: Better Road Safety Data for Better Safety Outcomes

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The objectives of the 7th IRTAD conference are to discuss improvements in the quality of data systems and data analysis in IRTAD and other countries as an essential way to build and monitor strong road safety policies in the Decade 2021-30.

The Conference is open to all.


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The Conference is jointly organized by the International Transport Forum with the Université Gustave Eiffel, CEREMA, ONISR and ENTPE.


The Conference will be held at the Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics d’Etats:

3 Rue Maurice Audin
69120 Vaulx-en-Velin.

The venue is easily accessible by public transport from the Centre of Lyon.


A list of suggested hotels in the centre of Lyon will be included soon.

Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts is closed.

Scientific Committee

Members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Jindrich Fric (Czech Republic, CDV),
  • Laurent Carnis (France, Université Gustave Eiffel),
  • Dominique Mignot (France, Université Gustave Eiffel),
  • Henri Chajmowicz (France, LAB PSA Renault),
  • Susanne Schönebeck (Germany, Bast),
  • George Yannis (Greece, NTUA),
  • Fred Wegman (Netherlands, Delft University of Technology) 
  • Tanya Fosdick (United Kingdom, Agilysis),
  • Chou-Lin Chen (United States, NHTSA),
  • Veronique Feypell  (ITF), Stephen Perkins (ITF), Rachelle Poggi (ITF)  


Veronique Feypell

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