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Safety Performance Indicators: Monitoring, Evaluating and Improving the Safe System

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This project helps countries to develop and employ Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) to evaluate how effectively Safe System policies reduce the number of killed or seriously injured road users. More than 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year. Tens of millions suffer life-changing injuries. The Safe System offers an approach to road safety geared towards eliminating the risk of deadly crashes through a comprehensive approach with shared responsibilities for all.

This project aims to change road users’ behaviour and eventually help countries move closer to eliminating deaths and serious injuries from traffic crashes.

The project identifies best practices for developing and deploying Safety Performance Indicators through targeted interviews and workshops with experts. It provides recommendations on developing SPIs and how they can be effective tools for informing further policy formulation.  

This project is a collaboration of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority and the International Transport Forum.


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