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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Regulation Roundtable

An AI-generated image of a tram in a city street
The automated operation of vehicles offers opportunities to support future mobility needs. However, there are technical and social challenges that need to be addressed to make automated vehicles widely deployed and used. The key challenge is ensuring the safety of an automated system that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

This Roundtable, held on 26-27 January 2023, focused on developing a common understanding of, and principles on, key issues of AI-trained automated transport systems. Roundtable participants discussed how to acquire and use data for training; how to verify, validate and certify the system; and institutional set-ups to support the safe use of AI-trained automated systems. They also considered the extent to which regulating AI for vehicles aligns with broader AI regulation pathways.

A report summarising the conclusions from the Roundtable will be published in late 2023. 

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Regulation Roundtable: Chair's Summary

Markus Reinhardt, German Centre for Rail Traffic Research


Senior Policy Liason Officer