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Gender Workstream of the Corporate Partnership Board

The Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) launched its Workstream on Gender on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2019

As part of the commitment of CPB companies to promote gender parity, the workstream will:

  • Create a platform to discuss and share best practice on different aspects of women in transport.
  • Build a network of companies in the transport and related sectors committed to contributing to policy discussions and goals of ensuring gender equity.
  • Seek to make the transportation sector more attractive to women.

The workstream includes the following activities:

  • Workshop on Hiring and Retaining a Gender-diverse Workforce on 8 March in Paris, France, to explore the challenges of achieving better gender parity in the transport sector. Participants will explore how to make the transport sector more attractive to women. Action from both government and the private sector is necessary to attain the policy objective of a more diverse and inclusive transport workforce. With over 2.25 million employees worldwide, CPB companies play an important role in achieving these ambitions.
    CPB Workstream on Gender Key Points
  • Compilation of initiatives: A compendium of the different CPB company initiatives will be made available to members and on the web.
    Company Initiatives booklet
  • Cross-company, cross-sector, mentoring: To complement the existing mentoring programmes within CPB companies, companies can participate in cross-company, cross-sector mentoring between CPB member companies.
  • Video on attracting women to the transport workforce: The Workstream is compiling video interviews of women in various roles across CPB companies. This resource will be available to promote the Workstream's objectives.

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