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Taxation of international air transport and airports: Economic benefits and costs

Jagoda Egeland, Advisor to the Secretary-General at the International Transport Forum, is a speaker. 

This webinar presents the new ACI Policy Brief on Taxation of International Air Transport and Airports prepared jointly with InterVISTAS, by summarizing the key findings and touching upon the policy recommendations formulated for the relevant policymakers. The cost and benefit approach taken by ACI focuses on the fundamental imbalance between the government revenue proceeds from passenger-based taxes and the foregone economic benefits that exceed the taxation proceeds by a factor of two. High passenger-based taxes in many parts of the world are economically inefficient, complicated, distort airline pricing decisions and competition. The Policy Brief to be discussed during the webinar will reinstate the importance of the ICAO's policies on taxation (Doc 8632), and the discussion between the panel members will substantiate the key taxation-related policies with examples, case studies and practical evidence.  

14:00 - 15:00 CEST 

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