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The Freight Space Race: Curbing the Impact of Freight Deliveries in Cities

This report explores ways of making deliveries in cities less disruptive and more sustainable. How goods are distributed in urban environments profoundly affects metropolitan life. Urban freight flows impact cities’ economic vitality, their environmental footprint, the safety and efficiency of traffic and the ways public space is used. The report examines how new partnerships, innovative methods, the use of data and intelligent space allocation can ease the pressure on cities and their inhabitants by rapidly growing freight movements in urban areas. It also addresses whether solutions require new forms of data management, what new types of delivery vehicles might be required and how actors can co-ordinate more effectively.

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Policy Insights

  • Manage curb space with a focus on the needs of both passengers and goods transport.
  • Apply access restrictions for delivery vehicles in urban areas while considering business practices.
  • Use more logistics data to better monitor and manage freight flows.

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