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Policies to Extend the Life of Road Assets

Policies to Extend the Life of Road Assets

This report presents policy options for extending the life of road assets by mitigating deterioration caused by trucks. Beyond traditional engineering responses, it considers the role of trucks in road asset deterioration from a broader, demand-oriented perspective.

Policy Insights

  • Introduce a proactive approach for the maintenance of road assets.
  • Build a proactive, data-driven approach to the maintenance of road assets.
  • Strive for continuous professionalisation in road asset management.
  • Move from managing the assets to cross-asset management.
  • Adopt regulatory frameworks that treat the use of road assets as an economic input.
  • Implement infrastructure pricing for trucks to improve cost recovery.
  • Better understand the reasons for non-compliance with truck weight limits.
  • Focus on positive incentives for efficiency in regulatory and compliance frameworks.
  • Develop use cases and business models for the digital infrastructure of truck traffic management.
  • Create incentives for the logistics sector to implement truck traffic management.
  • Improve awareness of the mutual impact that policies have on the environmental performance of road freight transport and extending the lifespan of road assets.
  • Focus on creating a comprehensive regulatory environment rather than on individual measures.

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