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The Potential of E-fuels to Decarbonise Ships and Aircraft

This publication examines the potential of novel fuels to decarbonise aviation and maritime shipping. Fuels like hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic hydrocarbons can be produced from renewable sources. They could also be easier to deploy than other emerging low- and zero-carbon technologies. Yet many uncertainties exist around scaling up their use. These include cost, infrastructure needs, operational requirements and health impacts. The publication reviews the latest understanding of the production and use of novel fuels in the shipping and aviation sectors and highlights the policy requirements needed to accelerate their adoption.

Download a leaflet summarising the report (PDF). 

Policy Insights

  • Introduce carbon pricing for shipping and aviation.
  • Scale up the production of low-carbon e-fuel through targeted policies.
  • Accelerate the deployment of electrolyser and renewable electricity generation capacity.
  • Regulate the lifecycle emissions intensity of e-fuels, including non-CO2 emissions.

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