Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Regulating App-Based Mobility Services

Summary and Conclusions

This report examines how new app-based mobility services can be effectively regulated. High-quality regulations are essential to ensure that ridesourcing, dockless bikeshare, e-scooters and other innovative forms of urban mobility deliver their full benefits for society. They are also crucial to guarantee safety, address environmental concerns and ensure consumer protection. But inappropriate regulation will deny citizens welfare benefits and stifle development of services that may contribute to a more sustainable transport system.

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ISBN: 9789282116678 (PDF)


Policy Insights

  • Maintain a permissive regulatory environment for new app-based mobility services.
  • Treat incumbent mobility providers and new market entrants equally.
  • Revise outdated and fragmented regulatory frameworks for mobility services.
  • Focus regulation on addressing clearly-identified market failures.
  • Take the broader urban policy environment into account when designing regulations.
  • Consider subsidies for app-based mobility services where appropriate and invest in supporting infrastructure.

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