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Regulation of For-Hire Passenger Transport: Portugal in International Comparison

Regulation of For-Hire Passenger Transport publication cover image

App-based for-hire transport services make mobility more efficient by better matching supply and demand. They offer passengers a high degree of predictability and ease of use, and drivers with highly flexible work opportunities. Yet the popularity of app-based services has eroded the market share of traditional taxi operators, causing significant friction that is manifesting itself in court cases and even physical violence. How to regulate these new services is therefore high on the agenda of governments around the world. This study, commissioned by the Portuguese Institute for Mobility and Transport, reviews legislation and regulatory frameworks for taxi and for-hire transport services in Portugal and six other countries in order to foster an evidence-based discussion of the issue.

Policy Insights

  • Steer policy development towards mobility services that allow efficient achievement of public policy objectives regarding the needs of consumers and society.
  • Encourage innovative and more flexible regulation of for-hire transport services.
  • Embrace data-led regulation to improve societal outcomes.
  • Keep the regulatory framework of for-hire passenger transport services as simple and uniform as possible.

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