Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Safety in Tunnels. Transport of Dangerous Goods Through Road Tunnels

This report provides a comprehensive package covering both regulatory and technical issues
concerning the transport of dangerous goods through road tunnels. The report proposes harmonised
regulations to facilitate compliance by road transport operators and enforcement, thus improving
safety. A quantitative risk assessment (QRA) model has been developed as part of the research which
compares the risks of transporting dangerous goods through a tunnel to using an alternative route. A
decision support model (DSM) was also developed as part of the research which allows decision
makers to combine the results from the QRA with other relevant data (which are not of a scientific or
technical nature but rather of a subjective or political nature). The DSM will help the decision-maker
to determine the preferred route for the transport of dangerous goods or upgrades to existing tunnel
infrastructure and other measures required to meet safety objectives. Finally, the report details the
effectiveness of measures that can be taken to reduce the risks of incidents in tunnels.

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