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Shaping the Relationship Between Public Transport and Innovative Mobility

Shaping the Relationship between Public Transport and Innovative Mobility cover image

This report investigates the convergence of public transport and innovative mobility solutions, such as ride services, car- and bicycle-sharing, app-enabled on-demand micro-bus services, and platforms that connect app-using travellers and drivers. It examines the role of public authorities in ensuring this convergence supports commercial innovation as well as public policy objectives and identifies principles to guide partnerships between innovative mobility services and public transport operators. 

The work for this report was carried out in the context of a project initiated and funded by the International Transport Forum's Corporate Partnership Board (CPB). CPB projects are designed to enrich policy discussion with a business perspective. Led by the ITF, work is carried out in a collaborative fashion in working groups consisting of CPB member companies, external experts and ITF researchers

Policy Insights

  • Focus on improving overall mobility outcomes, not just on lowering public transport costs.
  • Set a vision for urban transport that includes full integration of innovative mobility options.
  • Ensure partnerships between public transport and innovative mobility operators to improve mobility for all people, including those with disabilities.
  • Target low-performing or costly routes, and leverage government assets to guide convergence.
  • Split regulatory oversight from operation of urban transport and adapt procurement practices.
  • Mitigate innovation risk for new services through pilots and portfolio management.
  • Incentivise age- and disability-friendly interactions in partnerships between public transport and ride-service operators.

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