Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Transport Decarbonisation: Driving Implementation

16 March 2022

The project “Transport Decarbonisation: Driving Implementation”, known for short as "DT Implement...

Decarbonising Transport in India

27 August 2020

The four-year “Decarbonising Transport in India” project launched on 24 June in a webinar with ITF...

Decarbonising Transport initiative

27 October 2021

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Young Tae Kim meets Deputy Minister of Korean MOLIT

27 August 2020

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim met with You Byeong-kwon, Deputy Minister of the Korean...

Experts meet on decarbonising urban passenger transport

27 August 2020

As part of ITF's Decarbonising Transport project to identify effective policies for CO2...

ITF Transport Outlook Project

4 June 2021

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Shipping and Climate Change: Where are we and which way forward?

28 August 2020

The greenhouse gas emissions of shipping are considerable. They would need to halve by 2050 for...

Moving Freight with Better Trucks

28 August 2020

The purpose of this report is to identify potential improvements in terms of more effective safety...