Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Emerging Markets

Shifting Economic Mass Towards Emerging Economies Shown In Global Freight Data

28 August 2020

The latest update of global freight data collected by the International Transport Forum at the OECD...

Global Transport Trends In Perspective

28 August 2020

This Statistics Brief describes longer-term developments in the different transport modes, as...

The Competitiveness of Ports in Emerging Markets: The Case of Durban, South Africa

28 August 2020

How competitive is the port of Durban? What are its main impacts, in terms of economy, environment...

Perspectives des transports 2012

28 August 2020

Les projections de la mobilité dans les «Perspectives des transports» montrent que le volume global...

Perspectives des transports 2011

28 August 2020

La population mondiale atteindra 9 milliards d’individus en 2050. Répondre à ses attentes en...

Transport Outlook 2012: Seamless Transport for Greener Growth

28 August 2020

The mobility projections in this Transport Outlook indicate that global passenger transport volumes...