Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources


Performance Indicators for the Road Sector: Summary of the Field Tests

28 August 2020

Following the recommendations of the OECD 1997 report, Performance Indicators for the RoadSector, a...

Managing Urban Traffic Congestion Czech Version

28 August 2020

Již od nejstaršího lidského osídlení jsou rozvoj měst a dopravy nerozlučně spjaty. Podobné síly,...

Speed Management

28 August 2020

Speeding is the number one road safety problem in a large number of OECD/ECMT countries. It is...

Transport Infrastructure Investment

28 August 2020

Surface transport plays a fundamental role in nearly all social and economic activity. Providing...

Impact of Transport Infrastructure Investment on Regional Development

28 August 2020

The mission of the OECD Programme of Research on Road Transport and Intermodal Linkages(RTR) is to...

Gestión de velocidad

28 August 2020

El exceso de velocidad es el principal problema de seguridad en muchos de los países OCDE/CEMT. Es...

Investissements en infrastructures de transport

28 August 2020

Les transports terrestres jouent un rôle crucial dans presque toutes les activités sociales et...