Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Towards the next generation of airports

The ever-increasing demand for air transport across the globe has led to a welcome boost in traffic numbers for major airports like Korea's Incheon Airport. However such traffic increases are not without challenges. ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim explored the issue in a special keynote address on “Towards the Next Generation Airport: Opportunities, Challenges, Solutions” delivered at Incheon's 3rd World Annual Aviation Conference 2018 on 31 October (photo).

Secretary-General Kim addressed the challenges of capacity management at congested airports. "In order to remain competitive and the best choice for passengers and shippers, and – by extension – airlines, airports need to come up with robust plans on how to create optimal amount of capacity and, also, how to manage it", said Mr Kim. He also highlighted the importance of knowledge around global aviation trends and the need to develop scenarios to anticipate future fluctuations.

While in Korea, Secretary-General Kim met with Il-Young Chung, President and CEO of Inchon Airport Authorities - an ITF Corporate Partnership Board (CPB) member. The recent CPB report on "Defining, Measuring and Improving Air Connectivity" gathered aviation industry and independent experts to advise ITF member country governments on how to make systematic use of air connectivity metrics to improve decision-making. Go to the report.

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