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Tunisia joins the International Transport Forum

Tunisia has joined the International Transport Forum (ITF) as the organisation’s 60th member. Ministers of transport from the 59 current member states agreed unanimously to admit the North African nation to the organisation at their Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany, on 23 May. Tunisia is the organisation’s second member state on the African continent.

The ITF is the only intergovernmental organisation with a global mandate for all transport modes. Housed by the OECD in Paris (France), the ITF acts as a think tank for transport policy and organises a global summit of ministers of transport every year. The ITF’s 2019 Summit is currently taking place in Leipzig, Germany, with the participation of around 40 ministers with responsibility for transport and more than 1100 delegates.

“Today, Tunisia marks a remarkable occasion - its accession to the International Transport Forum. The Forum provides the appropriate framework for dialogue and co-ordination between key transport stakeholders towards a common vision for better transport and logistics performance.

A strategic geographical position at the heart of the Mediterranean - and at the crossroads of the main Mediterranean maritime trade routes – as well as a constantly-evolving infrastructure allows for Tunisia’s intellectual and innovative development. Tunisia aspires to become a regional economic hub and a Mediterranean centre for trade and services,” said Hichem Ben Ahmed, Tunisia’s Minister of Transport.

He added “Our strategy for the sector is to promote sustainable mobility and inclusive economic development for human development through an integrated and co-ordinated transport system that is safe and respectful of the environment.”

“Tunisia’s accession is a proud day for the International Transport Forum,” said ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim. “Tunisia is located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East and has a rich heritage as a hub of exchange that will benefit a global organisation like the ITF. Tunisia is also a dynamic and forward-looking player in the transport sector, with major initiatives underway in areas from rail and port infrastructure, to logistics zones, to road safety. All ITF member countries look forward to learning from Tunisia, and to support it in addressing its own transport policy challenges.”

French: La Tunisie devient membre du Forum International des Transports

German: Tunesien tritt Weltverkehrsforum bei

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