Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Asia Development Bank Forum: ITF at opening and closing sessions

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim kicked off the Asia Development Bank's (ADB) Asia and the Pacific Transport Forum 2020 from 24 to 28 August with insights from ITF member countries on re-opening and recovery.

Secretary-General Kim also provided a statement in support of the Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) which held its first implementation workshop during the Forum. APRSO's establishment was announced at the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm, Sweden, in February 2020, This meeting sought country support and endorsement for the implementation of the Observatory.

Following a week of debate on impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on transport and human mobility, ITF provided insights at the Forum's closing session. ITF Advisor on Innovation and Technology, Katja Schechtner, joined the closing panel alongside ADB Vice-President Bambang Susantono focusing on transport innovations in the Global South. Ms Schechtner's presentation explored recommendations for future innovation and technology implementation including supporting change and building on existing cultural practices, co-operation with research and industry, helping bottom-up innovation and creating regulatory sandboxes. 

See the ITF Report Transport Innovations from the Global South

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