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Road Safety Performance. National Peer Review: Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has the highest road death rate of all ECMT member countries and contributes one third of all road deaths in these countries. In addition to the high toll of human tragedy and suffering, the socio-economic cost of crashes, officially estimated at 2.5% of GDP, presents a considerable barrier to a healthy Russian economy.

The problem is predominantly urban, concentrated in Russia's largest cities, and with particularly sharp increases in deaths and serious injuries experienced in the Moscow region. International experts who undertook this review confirm that substantial improvements in road safety can be achieved through concerted, sustained and evidence-based action.

The size of the challenge means that all sectors of society need to be mobilised and political priority for road safety action and resources needs to be set at the highest level.

This peer review of road safety performance in the Russian Federation has been carried out by the ECMT in partnership with the World Bank and WHO. Road Safety Performance National Peer Review: Russian Federation R oad Safety Performance - National Peer Review: Russian Federation 75 2006 08 1 PISBN92-821-0355-2 VISIT TH E ECM T W

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