Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Safe & Sustainable Transport. A Matter Of Quality Assurance

This document was submitted for information to the Council of Ministers at their Session in
Bucharest on 29-30 May 2002 [CEMT/CM(2002)15].

It is based on a draft prepared by Mr. Josef Mikulik, General Rapporteur of the Seminar.

There is a huge need and enormous potential across ECMT to improve road safety policies and
practices. Differences in social and political development in ECMT Member countries result in
varying levels of traffic safety -- there are countries with a very high level of road traffic safety,
countries with some achievements in improving safety and countries with very high accident rates.
One of the tasks of ECMT is to help countries with the poorest levels of road safety to improve them,
and bring them up to the level of countries with the strongest performance. In other words to create a
high level of road traffic safety in all Member countries.

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