Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Decarbonising Air Transport

Acting Now for the Future

Policy Insights

  • Integrate clear decarbonisation requirements into government support packages helping the sector recover from the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Establish a clear long-term vision for decarbonising air transport by setting and monitoring emissions reduction targets aligned with the Paris Agreement.
  • Support an international approach to mitigating the climate change impacts of aviation while implementing decarbonisation policies domestically and on a regional level.
  • Introduce carbon pricing in aviation to drive an efficient transition to a greener aviation sector.
  • Put in place timely and ambitious fuel quality requirements to encourage the take up of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks to further energy efficiency improvements of aircraft.
  • Encourage research, development and deployment of alternative propulsion systems and clean fuels, supported by clear policy frameworks for de-risking industry investments to ramp up fuel production.
  • Factor in the non-CO2 climate impacts of air transport when designing decarbonisation policies.

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