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Funding Urban Public Transport: Case Study Compendium

This compendium of case studies on urban public transport funding was developed as an input to the 2013 International Transport Forum Summit on Funding Transport (May 22-24, Leipzig). It serves to illustrate a variety of urban contexts, public transport services and funding mechanisms in a selection of International Transport Forum countries. It was jointly developed along with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

Providing public transport services comes at a cost and the compendium reviews how a selection of urban areas meet t his financing challenge. What is clear is that no single financing model emerges, reflecting the great diversity of local situations and needs. It also appears that there is no silver bullet for the funding of public transport and that combining funding from different sources increases the resilience of the system. These urban areas do face different tensions but nearly all find that ensuring the long-term financial stability of public transport operations remains challenging.

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