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ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport

ITF Gender Toolkit

ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport offers governments, international organisations, contractors and all those who work on transport projects a hands-on tool to carry out gender analyses and incorporate a gender perspective into their plans and policies.

Gender analysis is a systematic analytical process to identify gender differences and the relevance of gender within a specific context. It is also the first step toward achieving gender equality. Gender equality, in turn, is a crucial feature of inclusive societies and a driver of development. 

Gender analysis includes measuring how the same factors, for instance policies, impact women and men differently - a process that often reveals the need to collect gender-disaggregated or gender-sensitive data. Where available, analysing such data can reveal the influence of gender roles and norms on a wide range of issues - from the division of time between paid and unpaid work, to leadership roles and decision-making, to entry points for narrowing gender gaps.

Three questions informed the development of the Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport: How are travel behaviours and patterns of women and men affected by their social roles and the level of accessibility of transport services? How will transport policies, programmes and projects affect women and men differently? How will greater gender equality in the transport workforce enhance transport infrastructure, systems and modes to benefit women and other users? 

The resulting Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport makes it easy to assess how gender-inclusive a project is via a straightforward checklist. It also offers a comprehensive list of transport-related gender indicators from which project leads can select the most relevant metrics for their work. Finally, it provides a ready-made template to design surveys and data collection processes to address any identified gaps in gender-relevant data that the analysis. 

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