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The Impact of Mega-Ships: The Case of Gothenburg

The Impact of Mega-Ships: Gothenburg cover image

The port of Gothenburg is the incontestable gateway to Sweden. The most important challenge for Gothenburg is to keep attracting direct calls from ocean-going vessels, considered of utmost importance by Swedish industry. These direct calls are carried out by ever larger ships. What is needed to continue attracting them in the future? And what are the impacts of very large ships that will have to be taken into account? This report brings more clarity to these issues by assessing the various impacts the arrival of mega-ships has in Gothenburg. It analyses policies in place and provides recommendations on how to deal effectively with mega-ships in Sweden’s largest port.

This report is part of the International Transport Forum’s Case-Specific Policy Analysis series. These are topical studies on specific issues carried out by the ITF in agreement with local institutions.

Policy Insights

  • Develop a focused national ports policy for Sweden.
  • Make it easier for the Port of Gothenburg to attract direct calls by container ships.
  • Resolve bottlenecks related to mega-ships.

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