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IRTAD Group Activities

Following the creation of the Research Centre in January 2004, the former IRTAD Operational Committee was replaced by the Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group, under the direct responsibility of the Research Committee.

Objectives of the Group:

  • Exchange information on safety trends and road safety policies, as well as methodologies.
  • Make proposals on possible improvements to road accident and related traffic data collection and analysis.
  • Collect accident data, complementary to other sources, and conduct data analysis to provide advice on specific road safety issues.
  • Contribute to international co-operation on road accident data and its analysis.
  • The Group's activities are guided by the Programme of Work.

The IRTAD Group regularly publishes analyses of topical data and reports on methodology issues. Every five years, the IRTAD Group organises conferences which are open to all.

Presentations and other materials relating to the road safety work of the IRTAD Group are available for download here.

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