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Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates join the International Transport Forum

The Republic of Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates have joined the International Transport Forum (ITF) as the organisation’s 58th and 59th member countries.

The Council of Ministers of Transport, the ITF’s highest decision-making body, unanimously approved the membership applications of both countries on 1 June at the ITF summit in Leipzig, Germany.

“The International Transport Forum welcomes with open arms both the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates as new members”, said Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Secretary of Transportation and Communications of Mexico, representing the ITF Presidency this year.

Secretary Ruiz Esparza added:

“Kazakhstan’s membership of the ITF will be an asset to our organisation. As a vast country of 2.7m km2, Kazakhstan’s knows how vital transport is for a society and the economy. Kazakhstan’s significant investment in high-speed rail, airports and urban metro systems are testimony to that. Notably, Kazakhstan is actively involved in building the strategic transport links on the Eurasian land bridge or New Silk Road. Kazakhstan’s voice will enrich the transport policy debate in ITF.”

“The United Arab Emirates have actively participated in the ITF summits in the past and we are delighted that their involvement has led them to membership in the organisation. Over the past decades, the Emirates have become a major player in transport by developing global aviation and maritime hubs. Their experience in infrastructure development and their location at the interface of East and West will make the Emirates’ presence in the ITF invaluable.”

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