Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

LA CoMotion Leadership Conference

The conference brings together global leaders and new mobility actors to address emerging topics in a highly interactive setting alternating open plenary discussions and hands-on “lab” and interactive brainstorming sessions. The ITF convened an expert session on the topic of “Blockchain, Distributed Ledger and RegTech for 21st Century Transport”. ITF Advisor on Innovation and Foresight, Philippe Crist, moderated a plenary session on the topic of “Opening Up: Smart Data for Smarter Mobility”.

The session explored the ability to leverage data from a wide variety of actors is the key to understanding travel behaviour and moving towards more efficient planning. Through shared, standardised, and interoperable information flows, responsive multimodal transport can flourish. How can the public and private sectors move towards more collaborative and open relationships surrounding data? How can new technologies create more efficient transport tools? How can anonymisation and aggregation be enforced to protect citizen privacy?

Full session recording: 

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