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"Towards a truly interactive platform", Secretary-General Kim presents to OECD Ambassadors

Secretary-General Young Tae Kim (photo) shared his vision for the ITF with OECD Ambassadors and Directors at a packed information session held at the OECD in Paris, France, on 5 April. 15 Ambassadors joined representatives from over 30 countries to attend the briefing. 

Mr Kim emphasised the importance of planning, predictability and prioritisation of the ITF's work in the move towards creating a "truly interactive platform". Secretary-General Kim presented his policy of expanding the Forum's outreach with international organisations, ITF Presidency countries and to increase country membership worldwide. High-level bilateral meetings and information sessions will be the hallmark of special cooperation projects with member countries. These will centre on focus areas including on road safety work, and ITF Summit preparation as well as in the preparation of major international meetings.

Secretary-General Kim highlighted the strategic orientations for ITF work, which focuses on digitalisation of transport, improving connectivity, decarbonisation, transport safety and security as well as universal access. Several ambassadors underlined the great practical value of the ITF's work for their governments in these areas. Mr Kim analyses the big issues for which countries look to ITF for support in identifying effective policies. The focus for requests for the 2020-21 work plan is in the areas of innovation, safety and sustainability. The subject of transport project appraisal was also evoked as being of strong interest to governments.

Transport ministers will again meet for the ITF's Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany, from 22-24 May 2019. The topic will be "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration". Secretary-General Kim expressed his hope to see the participants of the briefing and their ministers in Leipzig in May 2019.

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