Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Transport – Energy Nexus to Deliver Climate Goals and a Just Transition

13:00 (GMT +4)

Al Shaheen, Blue Zone

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim delivers opening and closing remarks at this event on how the energy sector must change to meet sustainable transport demands.

Reducing emissions from transport implies a rapid shift from fossil energy to electricity and low-emission fuels, which will have a significant impact on global energy demand and supply chains. According to IEA’s Global EV Outlook, electric car sales broke new records in 2022 and are expected to continue strongly. Transitions towards electric vehicles require changes in the energy sector. Grid networks need to be upgraded to support using high shares of renewable energy, energy storage devices, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Many solutions to address climate change sit at the nexus between the two, with many policy levers. It is essential that there is strong collaboration between these sectors to align policies and overcome shared challenges. While the transport sector has seen some strong representation in energy discussions, more can be done to bring transport and energy decision-makers to the same table to discuss actions.

Summary of the Ministers' Roundtable

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