Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Transport System Resilience Roundtable

Transport systems can be disrupted in many ways, providing challenges to the continuity of service. This Roundtable will review the costs of these disruptions and assess the decision-making processes and methods needed to improve system resilience. Participants will identify good practices and provide guidance to policy makers.

Specifically, Roundtable participants will review evidence on the costs of disruptions to transport systems of multiple kinds, both in the past and in terms of expected future trends. They will consider questions relating to decision processes and the methods used to determine what investments are (and should be) made to maintain and improve system resilience, drawing on previous OECD work relating to climate-resilient infrastructure. This aspect of the topic may also include identifying best practices for determining how much investment is optimal and how it should be allocated.

The Roundtable is part of the ITF’s 2022-23 Programme of Work. A report summarising the issues discussed during the Roundtable will be published in 2024.

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