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How the war in Ukraine impacts aviation – and what to do about it

ITF Transport Policy Responses to the War in Ukraine, No. 3
Transport and the War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has severe impacts on transport and trade. Ukraine’s transport networks suffer ongoing destruction and global supply chains experience serious disruptions. This ITF Transport Policy Response to the War in Ukraine discusses the impacts on the aviation industry. 

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Policy Insights

  • Investment and market reforms fueled Ukraine's aviation sector before the war.
  • The war has shut down civil aviation in Ukraine and destroyed its airports.
  • War-related airspace closures force international flights onto longer routes, resulting in longer travel times, higher fuel costs and added carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • The energy crisis unleashed by the war drives up ticket prices, potentially reducing demand and threatening aviation's recovery from the pandemic.
  • The war's short-term impacts on air travel could trigger long-lasting changes in international aviation.
  • Restoring Ukraine's air connectivity after the war hinges on rebuilding destroyed aviation infrastructure.
  • Ending aviation's dependency on fossil fuels can make the sector more resilient to future crises.

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