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Azerbaijan launch of decarbonisation project

One of the biggest challenges for climate change mitigation is to enable emerging economies to continue lifting people out of poverty while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The ITF’s Decarbonising Transport in Emerging Economies (DTEE) project helps governments of emerging nations to identify ways to reduce their transport CO2 emissions and meet their climate goals.

Azerbaijan became the second country to officially launch the DTEE project from 11-15 November in Baku (photo). The first full day of presentations with relevant stakeholders focused on informing them about the project objectives, scope and timeline. Around 40 people of more than 15 different organisations attended this first day which was opened by the Deputy Minister of Transport. A series of bilateral meetings were then held to understand the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies and their relevance for the project. These included key government agencies responsible for road, shipping, rail and ecology. 

ITF was invited by the deputy minister to contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's national transport strategy, currently being drafted. This provides ITF with the opportunity to ensure the national strategy takes up relevant climate issues and provides policy makers with a framework to define respective laws. 

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