Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Life Cycle Assessment Methods to Support India’s Efforts to Decarbonise Transport Workshop

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

Workshop Agenda 

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International life cycle assessments for the transport sector

Transport Infrastructure Life-cycle Assessment - Shoshanna Saxe, University of Toronto

Determining the Environmental Impacts of Conventional and Alternatively-fueled Vehicles through Life-cycle Assessment - Sofia Amaral, Ricardo

Life-cycle Analysis of Vehicle and Fuel Systems Using the GREET Model - Michael Wang, Argonne National Laboratory

From Individual Life-cycle Assessment Towards a more Holistic Approach - Marta Yugo, Concawe

Life cycle assessment focusing on transport fuels in India

Lignocellulosic Ethanol: Life-cycle Assessment based Technology and Policy Evaluation - Yogendra Shastri, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Life-cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Algal Biofuels: Effect of Different CO2 Supply Options - Pratham Arora, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Waste-derived Alternative Energy for the Transport Sector - Brajesh Kumar Dubey, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpure

Life-cycle assessment focusing on vehicles in India

Life-cycle Assessment of Lightweighted ICEs and BEVs: An India Perspective Krishna Upadhyayula, Umea University

Life-cycle Analysis of Road Transport Vehicles in India - Arghya Sardar, Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council

Life-cycle Analysis of Transport Options - Rangan Banerjee, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Life-cycle assessment of transport infrastructure in India

Life-cycle Assessment of National Highways of India - Sharif Qamar, TERI

Integrated Life-cycle Assessment Toolkits for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure - Krishna Prapoorna, Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati

Comprehensive Environmental Performance Evaluation of Suburban Railways using Life-cycle Assessment - Amar Shinde, Manipal Institute of Technology

The workshop was organised under the DTEE and NDC-TIA projects for India

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