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Road safety, inclusion, equity, gender and sustainability: exploring links

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

This webinar explores the linkages that cities are making between road safety and other public policy areas including inclusion, equity, gender and sustainability. The event is part of the Safer City Streets initiative and aims to address questions including:

  • How can all stakeholders work together?
  • Are there tangible actions that build on synergies between road safety and other public policies?
  • How are policy goals related?
  • Are there tensions between different policy goals?

City experts share their experiences, insights and projects, followed by a panel discussion and moderated questions and answers session.

Video recordings are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese


Introduction and opening remarks
1) Panel I
  • María Fernanda Rivera Flores (Mexico City): Road safety and gender
  • Natalia Lleras (Despacio): Healthy Cycle Route promoting sustainability, safety, physical activity and gender equity
  • Claudia Adriazola-Steil (World Resources Institute): WRI research on road safety linkages with sustainability, public health and gender
2) Q&A and Discussion
3) Panel II
  • Bronwen Thornton (Walk 21): Utilising road safety measures to deliver both safety and amenity improvements to the public realm for all road users
  • Paola Tapia (Santiago): Equitable mobility: moving towards a more livable city for all
  • Hannah Silva (Fortaleza): Safe roads to school program
4) Q&A and Discussion
5) Final comments and conclusion

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