Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources



Foreign and national vehicles

Fuel tax rebates

1820 HRK / 240.74 € to receive monthly, quarterly or yearly

Phytosanitary control fees

1) Fee on phytosanitary inspection of plants, plant products and other objects imported to the EU from 153 to 3150 HRK / 20.24 to 416.67 € for import of plants, plant products and other objects depending on commodity and quantity

2) Fee on control of compliance with marketing standards for fruits and vegetables imported to the EU 90 HRK / 11.90 € per fruit or vegetable species regardless of quantity

Veterinary control fees

1) Fees for inspection of consignments of animals and means of transport at points of exit from the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of protecting animal welfare during transport and transport-related procedures: 250 HRK / 33.07 € per consignment, if during the official control only a documentary inspection and verification of the protection of animal welfare during transport and transport-related procedures is performed

If a full veterinary inspection is carried out, the amount of fees for the performed official control upon import of consignments of animals for bovine animals, equine, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, hares, small feathered game, small hairy game and terrestrial mammals (wild boar and wild ruminants) is:

    - 420 HRK / 55.56 € per shipment, up to 6 tons, and

    - 70 HRK / 9.26 € for each addition ton, up to 46 tons, or

    - 3200 HRK / 421.05 € for shipments weighing more than 46 tons

2) Fees, which are carried out in accordance with European or national regulations in cases where there is an imminent danger to human, animal or environmental health: 150 HRK / 19.74 € per started hour of their implementation and by an individual official who participates in the implementation of such official controls or activities

Sanitary control fees

In the Regulation of the amount of fees and charges for official controls (OG, 84/15, 14/16, 98/18 and 7/20), Article 19, paragraph 1 prescribes the competence for issuing certificates and paragraph 2 the amount of fee for confirming shipments arrival at destination:

1) the amount of the fee for the certification of consignments for which the issuance of a veterinary certificate and/or other veterinary document is required in accordance with veterinary regulations is 150 HRK / 19.84 € per consignment

2) the amount of the fee for confirming the arrival of a shipment at the place of destination in the TRACES system and performing a documentary inspection of 100 HRK / 13.23 €

Also, the Amendment to Regulation OG 14/16, Article 7, prescribes a fee for the time spent in performing veterinary inspections of consignments of live animals:

“The amount of the fee for the time spent when performing a veterinary inspection of a consignment of live animals preceding the issuance of the certificate or when a complete veterinary inspection of a consignment of live animals at the destination is required, except for animals delivered to the slaughterhouse, is 150 HRK / 19.84 € per hour of time actually spent.”

In addition, the price of issuing the veterinary form should be added. The Ministry of Agriculture issues certificates to the veterinarians who order them. Depending on the number of pages, the price per form of veterinary certificate is from 2.76 to 10.50 HRK / 0.37 to 1.39 €

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

1180 HRK / 156.08 €

Purchase or registration taxes

500 HRK / 66.14 €

Annual charge for use of the roads

Ordinance on the amount of the annual fee for the use of public roads

Note: It is paid for the registration of motor and trailer vehicles

Time-based charge for use of the roads/motorways

    Annual rate: 24095 HRK / 3187.17 €

    Monthly rate: 2008 HRK / 265.61 €

    Weekly rate: 463 HRK / 61.24 €

    Daily rate: 66 HRK / 8.73 €

Kilometre charge

2921 HRK / 386.38 5

Motorways tolls

Croatian motorways

Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway

Local taxes

Article 11 of Local Taxes Act

Additional insurance fee

1820 HRK / 240.74 €