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Foreign and national vehicles

Time-based charge for use of the roads/motorways

The amount of toll payment is proportional to the distance travelled and also depends on the category of road used, the category of the vehicle and its environmental classification.

Additional information

HU-GO Electronic Toll System

Fuel tax rebates

Excise duty on diesel is 110.35 HUF / 0.29 € per litre, do the recoverable excise duty is 3.5 HUF / 0.01 € per litre

Excess weight charge

Overload fees

Regulations and conditions regarding oversized/overload transport in Hungary

Maximum authorised weights and dimensions of road vehicle

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicles

Truck: the tax base is the truck’s own weight in the official register, increased by 50% of its payload

Tractor: the tax base is twice the tractor’s unladen weight, increased by 50% of the positive difference between the maximum permissible laden mass of the towing vehicle (semi-trailer) and the tractor’s unladen weight

The tax rate for each 100 kg of tax base started at:

    - truck, tractor, bus with air suspension or equivalent suspension system: 850 HUF / 2.23 €

    - lorry, tractor, bus not falling under the previous point: 1380 HUF / 3.63 €

Tax/surcharge on insurance

Compulsory insurance fee is on average 3872 € for the truck and 850 € for the trailer