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Foreign and national vehicles

Motorways tolls

Toll locations and charges

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Bylaws for all existing National Road Toll Schemes

Roads Act

Tunnel and bridge tolls

Dublin Port Tunnel: HGV are exempt from toll

Limerick Tunnel (Limerick South Ring Road Phase 11): 6.2 €

Urban access

Daily permit: 10 € for five stops

Note: Heavy goods vehicle with more than 5 axles can access Dublin only if they have a permit

Additional information

Access regulation in Dublin

Fuel tax rebates

The maximum repayable is 0.075 € per litre when the price including VAT is 1.43 € per litre or over

Note: the scheme is available to Irish and EU qualifying operators in respect of auto diesel purchased in the State and used in qualifying vehicles for the purpose of business transport activities

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How to qualify for the system

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Finance Act 2013

Finance Act 2019

Excess weight charge

Loads in excess of 27.4 m long and 4.3 m wide: charge may vary

Note: the driver must contact the local Authority for a permit.

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Movement of abnormal loads

Charge for weighing vehicles

10 € but may vary

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Road Traffic Act – Section 15

S.I. No. 192/1963 – Road Traffic (Weight bridges) Regulations, 1963

Foreign vehicles

Tax/surcharge on insurance

7% statutory charge applies for any insurance policy effective in Ireland on commercial vehicles

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

Motor tax: 900 €

Additional information

Rates for goods vehicles

Purchase or registration taxes

200 € for HGV category C (European category N2&N3)

Additional information

Calculating vehicle registration tax

Tax/surcharge on insurance

7% statutory charge

3% government levy (stamp duty)

2% insurance compensation fund levy

2% motor insurance insolvency compensation fund levy

Additional information

Stamp duty levies

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Insurance (Amendment) Act 2018

Insurance (Amendment) Act 2011