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Date Update: Friday, 8 July 2022

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Lorries in Europe

4.20 m (1)
2.55 m (2)
Length Lorry or Trailer: 
12 m
Road Train: 
18.75 m
Articulated Vehicle: 
16.50 m


(1) No part of the structure can be more than 4.20 m from the ground, when the vehicle is on level ground. The total laden weight of the semi-trailer and the towing vehicle must not exceed 32 520 kg. The provision does not apply to vehicles which are being loaded or unloaded.
(2) Vehicle at controlled temperatures: 2.60 m.

Permissible Maximum Weights of Lorries in Europe

Weight per nondrive axle: 
10 t
Weight per drive axle: 
11.5 t
Lorry 2 axles: 
18 t
Lorry 3 axles: 
26 t (1)
Road Train 4 axles: 
36 t (2)
Road Train 5 axles and +: 
40 t (3)
Articulated Vehicle 5 axles and +: 
40 t (3)


(1) Only with air suspension or similar.
(2) Four-axle articulated with air suspension or similar and above other requirements: 38 t.
(3) For general operation at 44 t, at least six axles are required. The drive axle(s) must not exceed 10.5 t and have twin tyres/road friendly suspension. Vehicles not having road friendly suspension on the drive axle(s) must have twin tyres and a maximum axle weight not exceeding 8.5 t. Each part of the combination must have at least three axles and the trailer must have road friendly suspension.

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Coaches in Europe

2 axles: 
13.50 m (1)
> 2 axles: 
15 m (1)
+ Trailer: 
18.75 m
18.75 m


(1) Vehicles must comply with manoeuvrability criteria.

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