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Our work on Connectivity

Good transport infrastructure and efficient mobility services bring people together and goods to their markets. The connectivity that transport provides widens horizons and opens up opportunities. It builds stronger communities and expands their reach. ITF's connectivity work explores how to strengthen transport links around the globe, between countries, from city to city, or to the other side of town.

Enhancing Connectivity and Freight in Central Asia
Enhancing Connectivity and Freight in Central Asia

This report assesses freight connectivity in Central Asia, focusing on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It provides recommendations for improving connectivity and the policy processes required to achieve this. The report also offers advice on how regional...

13 May 2019

Government Support Measures for Domestic Air Connectivity
Government Support Measures for Domestic Air Connectivity

This report reviews government support measures for domestic air connectivity in Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United States. It analyses different approaches to providing regional connectivity in terms of their effectiveness in reaching government ...

10 December 2018

(Un)certain Skies? Drones in the World of Tomorrow
(Un)certain Skies? Drones in the World of Tomorrow

This report investigates the role of drones as part of the future transport mix. It specifically addresses the issues policy makers face in engaging with the emerging private drone sector. Drones have the potential to improve existing practices, for instance in the surveying of...

21 May 2018

Innovative Mobility for the Periphery
Innovations for Better Rural Mobility

   Get the final report "Innovations for Better Rural Mobility"Limited transport options in peripheral, rural and remote areas ...

12 April 2020

Connecting Remote Communities Roundtable

How to ensure adequate transport links for sparsely populated regions.This Roundtable explores policies to ensure adequate access to indispensable services for residents in sparsely populated regions. It aims to provide insights into how different countries address the ...

Developing Innovative Mobility Solutions in the Brussels-Capital Region

Download a summary of our findings on establishing an efficient and resilient regulatory framework for MaaS. A video recording of the final project event is also online.

20 October 2020

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