Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Shaping the future of connectivity

How can better transport connectivity help integrate regions - from local communities and cities to global regions - to achieve our economic, social, and environmental goals? How can more seamless connections enhance door to door travel? Where can we build bridges, real and metaphorical, for better cross-border mobility? What will connect better institutions, so they can function in a more integrated way?

These are some of the many questions to be tackled by transport ministers from ITF's 59 member countries at the 2019 Summit on "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration". Each year as part of the Summit preparation, we ask representatives from international organisations to bring their particular angle to the debate. This year, on 24 January, around 50 participants gathered in Paris, France, to share their views on what aspects transport ministers should focus on to achieve better global transport connectivity. The discussion and input will enrich the Summit programme, notably through content and key questions for 2019 Summit sessions and the 2019 Ministers’ Declaration. The Consultation Day also provided an opportunity to share perspectives on the 2020 Summit theme "Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development", to be held under the Presidency of Ireland.

A consultation meeting on “Women in Transport” directly preceded the Consultation Day on 23 January. The event provided ITF stakeholders with a format for brainstorming and planning the gender discussions at the 2019 ITF Summit, which is considered a key moment for the transport community to discuss commitments to existing and new policy frameworks. At the 2015 Summit, the ITF launched a series of debates on women in transport which provided an opportunity for all stakeholders to highlight their initiatives to enhance greater gender equality in the sector.

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