Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources


IRTAD Annual Report 2009

28 August 2020

This first Annual report of the IRTAD Group comprises:  A presentation of the IRTAD Group...

La sécurité et la réforme du cadre réglementaire des chemins de fer

28 August 2020

La déréglementation affaiblit-elle la sécurité ferroviaire ? De nombreux pays envisagent une...

Road Safety Annual Report 2011

28 August 2020

The IRTAD Annual report 2011 provides an overview of road safety indicators for 2010 in 32...

Road Safety Performance: National Peer Review of the Russian Federation. 2010 Update

28 August 2020

This update of the 2006 report has been compiled under the auspices of the International Transport...

Road Safety Performance. National Peer Review: Russian Federation

28 August 2020

The Russian Federation has the highest road death rate of all ECMT member countries and contributes...

Towards Zero

28 August 2020

Each year around 1.2 million people are killed and 50 million are injured on roads around the world...