Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Reforming Public Transport Planning and Delivery

Reforming Public Transport Planning and Delivery

This report examines the difference in which public transport planning is undertaken and services are delivered. The report focuses primarily on urban public transport markets, with some consideration given to intercity markets. Case studies and examples address bus, tram, metro and urban or regional rail. It discusses how well different models of transport organisation deliver value for money, encourage and harness innovation, and help systems prepare for the challenges and opportunities on the horizon. Recommendations highlight the key main factors for successful reform of public transport systems.

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Policy Insights

  • Let government plan transport services, but at a decentralised level.
  • Consider corporatising publicly operated transport services.
  • Pay close attention to system design where competition in public transport provision is introduced.
  • Pay attention to service quality as well as costs to achieve a sustainable public transport system.
  • Take the broader urban context into account in designing and adopting public transport reforms.

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