Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources



Foreign and national vehicles

Time-based charge for use of the roads/motorways

    - Annual rate: 711 €

    - Monthly rate: 71 €

    - Weekly rate: 36 €

    - Daily rate: 11 €

Note: The minimum period for which charge is levied is 24 hours

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Customs fee

Depending on procedures applied

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Customs duties

Excess weight charge

Abnormal transport charge is calculated taking into account different aspects (width, length, axle load, distance to be covered, etc.)

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Regulations regarding the amount, procedure for payment and exemptions of the state fee for the issuance of a large and heavy transport permit

Phyto, veterinary and sanitary control fees

Depending on type of goods and volumes

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Procedures for a person to cover expenses for paid services in the field of plant protection, compulsory performance of phytosanitary measures and phytosanitary border control

National vehicles

HGV with a maximum mass exceeding 12 tons

    - 170.74 € for driven axle with air suspension

    - 277.46 € for driven axle with mechanical suspension

Semi-trailer (O4)

    - 162.21 € with air suspension

    - 277.46 € with mechanical suspension

Additional information

Vehicle operating tax – HGV with a maximum mass exceeding 12 tons

Vehicle operating tax – semi-trailers

Purchase or registration taxes

HGV over 3.5 tons: 48.83 €

Semi-trailer/trailer: 35.73 €