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Foreign and national vehicles

Motorways tolls

It varies depending on the fares established by the concession holder.

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Motorways tolls

List of motorways with tolls

Excess weight charge

Processing cost of a complementary transit authorisation (ACC): 132.73 €

Note: vehicles, including the load they are carrying, must comply with the maximum masses and dimensions established in Annex IX of the General Vehicle Regulations for motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers or, where appropriate, vehicle combinations. However, when it is unavoidable to exceed any of these maximum values, the vehicle may circulate under the protection of a Complementary Authorisation for Circulation (ACC) that can be obtained if requested to the competent authority in matters of traffic and road safety.

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicles

11.92 € (ITV) + 82.34 € (TR) + 304.82 € (IVTM) = 499.08 €

ITV = Technical Vehicle Inspection

TR = Tachograph Review

IVTM = Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax

Note: this is the average amount, since the amount slightly varies depending on the issuing authority. IVTM is a direct tax on the ownership of mechanical traction vehicles that can be driven on public roads. It is paid to the local council where the vehicle is registered in accordance with article 95 of the Ley Reguladora de las Haciendas Locales, which establishes the fee payable by each vehicle. The local councils have the capacity to reduce or increase this tax. More information about the regional taxes can be found here.

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Observatory of the cost of road freight transport

Observatory of the road freight transport

Technical Vehicle Inspection

Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax

Purchase taxes

VAT: 21%

Registration taxes

The registration tax is payable on the registration of a new vehicle and its amount depends on the vehicle purchased, according to the CO2 emissions, and the Spanish Autonomous Community.

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List of road traffic taxes

Fuel tax rebates

0.1-0.2 €/l

Note: it is a temporary measure in 2023 because of the Ukrainian war. More information can be found here.

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Special Circulation Authorisation

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