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Foreign and national vehicles

Kilometre charge

GO-toll: 0.41 € per vehicle-km (excluding 20% VAT) on most parts of the motorway and expressway network

Note: there are higher rates for certain Alpine crossing routes of the motorway and expressway network. The toll rates there vary between 0.50 € and 1.78 € per vehicle-km (excluding 20% VAT)

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Tunnel and bridge tolls

GO-toll: the higher toll rate for certain Alpine crossing routes include cost intensive tunnels and/or bridges.

Dangerous goods charge

Only for transport of radio-active materials: registration fee of 109-174 €

Excess weight charge

201-5000 €

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

    Up to 12 tons: 1.55 €/ton (min 15 €)

    12-18 tons: 1.70 €/ton

    More than 18 tons: 1.90 €/ton

    Max for trucks 80 €; max for trailer 60 €

Purchase or registration fees

    Lorry: 193.5 €

    Tractor or trailer only: 183 €

Tax on insurance

11% insurance tax for trucks registered and insured in Austria

Customs fee

Import of vehicles from outside EEA: 10% customs and 20% VAT

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