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Foreign and national vehicles

Time-based charge for use of the roads/motorways

Euro IV, V, VI:

    - Annual rate: 753 €

    - Monthly rate: 75 €

    - Weekly rate: 37 €

    - Daily rate: 11 €

Euro 0, I, II, III:

    - Annual rate: 1071 €

    - Monthly rate: 107 €

    - Weekly rate: 52 €

    - Daily rate: 11 €

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The Government of the Republic of Lithuania ruling on the implementation of the law on the financing of the road maintenance and development program of the Republic of Lithuania [LTU]

Customs fee

It depends on the nature of the goods.

Excessive weight charge

It is calculated taking into account different aspects: width, length, axle load, distance to be covered, etc. More information can be found here.

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

570 € if the axle is equipped with air suspension or a recognised equivalent

770 € for other axle suspension system